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Like most of you, my fascination for edged tools began early. I received my first scouting pocket knife from my grandfather when I was 9, I still have it, well worn but still functional.I had always wanted to experience making my own knife. I met a custom maker, LT Wright, at a gun show in January of 2007. He was nice enough to talk with me for over an hour that day, and then to answer my emails, phone calls and countless questions.

Since then, I have met and talked with many many custom makers as well as gentlemen who run their own production shops. There seems to be common threads in the make-up of these individuals. They all seem eager to talk about their trade, to share what they can, and encourage those with interest. They have learned a rule that most business people in today’s world forget, that you need to help others to help yourself. These guys practice that philosophy with a character and honor that is second to none.

I have worked in the software industry for the past 11 years and have even owned my own company (small software start-up). This experience has given me an eye for detail, and ability to understand users and their needs. It has also trained me to wear many different hats, a skill that any knife maker will tell you is critical. I have a personal philosophy of creating products with the best value and the highest quality that I can attain, and then passing that on to my customers. I want to design, build and sell knives that are high end, hard use, but value-based.

I can’t describe the true satisfaction I get from the creation cycle of a knife: from ideas, purpose, design, engineering, material specifications and creation, to sales interaction. The benefits of the labor are also a true stress reliever. Try grinding steel at 1750 rpm on a 36 grit ceramic belt. Sparks will not only singe the hairs on your arm, but take you to a better place! Enjoy this website.I hope that it helps you find the right Landi Knife for whatever the purpose.

John Landi